Sean Riley 30 January 2017

Why everday conversations matter to your brand

Almost all users of social media are regularly accessing platforms to be entertained, informed and to procrastinate. This involves processing a wide variety of content that is brand and user generated. So, how do brands stand out amongst a broad depth of content? Many social rules of communicating in person translate well to social media. One of the obvious ones is: don't talk about yourself all the time. In society we regularly connect by discussing common everyday themes that range from the weather to the weekend football.

Brands don't have target markets, they have target moments.
-Rory Sutherland

Embracing everday conversations on social media gives brands an opportunity to participate in conversations already taking place, and to build brand identity and persona. In fact, adaptive advertising technologies even allows brands to tailor the ad that is delivered to a specific audience based on the current weather of the location that audience is in.
A few of the benefits of building an everday conversational strategy for your brand are:

  • Many everday conversations occur with predictability & pattern (e.g.: #ThrowbackThursday, Date Night)
  • Conversational data can be mined on public platforms like Twitter & Instagram, helping you identify themes with scale and pattern.
  • Predictability means you can plan content in advance, which means you can deliver richer creative with more impact.
  • Building a scheduled everyday content plan frees you up to focus on big, strategic moments.
  • Associating with relevant conversations helps you build your brand identity and inform customers about what matters to your brand.

This article covers

  • Social Media
  • Creative Planning
  • Everday Conversations
  • Brand Identity